Hidenori Kojima (Co-founder, CEO)
After graduating from The University of Tokyo in 2007, he worked at an IT venture company to develop ERP packages for Japanese major enterprises, especially server-side programs, to be used by sub-million users.
Also was involved in a recruiting project in China.
After leaving the company, he studied power management using super-computers at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
He left school and started SCRYVA Inc.
Masahiro Ajioka (Co-founder, CTO)
Graduated from Toyota National Colledge of Technology and started his career as an engineer.
He worked for multiple enterprises and earned wide experience in: web-application development, design, test, operation, technical support and technical sales.
Also has experience in server middlewares (search engines), and building effective web/middleware development environments. Has high programming skils in Ruby, Perl, PHP, HTML/CSS/ JavaScript for web development, plus Java and C# for middleware development.